Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Polymerous daylilies

Hi friends, hope you like the look of my new blog.   I had help from the Queen of Blogs, Ms. Nikki Schmith. Thanks very much, Nikki.  In reading over the information noted on the 2012 introductions mentioned in my earlier post, I remembered that both have demonstrated a small incidence of polymerous blooms.   This means that there are more than the usual 3 petals and 3 sepals that you usually see in daylilies.   Thought you might like to see what this looks like when it happened to 2012 introduction 'Phill Warbasse'.

Hemerocallis 'Phill Warbasse' - polymerous bloom

See how the plant has two extra stamens in the center but still has just one pistil.  If you set a seed pod on such a bloom, you would get a four chambered seed pod instead of the usual three. This is a trait that has fascinated me for years.  My first consistent daylily that I purchased with this trait was an oldie called 'Towhead', I believe.

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